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Ontario patients can achieve straight teeth with a variety of orthodontic options

Straight, beautiful teeth are crucial to a healthy, attractive smile. Not all patients are born with a naturally aligned dental arch. When misalignment affects the smile and causes it to look less than perfect, many patients will seek a professional skilled in orthodontics. Patients located in the Oakville and Burlington, Ontario area who are interested in learning about orthodontic options are welcome to contact the team at Burloak Centre Dentistry.

Straightening teeth is often done with metal brackets and wires. This is the traditional method of orthodontia. The brackets are glued onto the front or sometimes the back of the teeth (lingual braces) and are linked together with a wire. This wire helps in slowly adjusting the teeth back in alignment.

Traditional orthodontia is best for patients with moderate to severe misalignment of the smile, including patients who want to achieve better bite alignment. But this is not the only way to achieve that beautiful smile. Dr. Shefali Tuli and her team offer two alternative methods including Six Month Smiles and Invisalign.

Six Month Smiles also uses brackets and wires, but they are tooth-coloured to blend in with the smile. This method is for aligning the teeth near the front of the smile, also known as the anterior teeth. It is most appropriate for patients with mild malocclusion.

Another option is Invisalign. Invisalign is suited for patients with mild to moderate misalignment of the smile. This method can be used for correcting bite alignment as well. Invisalign uses a clear aligner tray that is worn over the dental arch to gradually reposition the teeth without the need for brackets and wires necessary in most other methods.

Oakville and Burlington, Ontario patients are encouraged to learn about the many orthodontic methods available at Burloak Centre Dentistry. Call Today 905.581.4436. Our team of professionals can examine the smile and determine which orthodontic solution is most appropriate for achieving the desired results.
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