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your six month smiles dentist in Oakville ON has a great way to improve your smile

Residents of Oakville and nearby communities who want to improve the look of their smiles are excited to discover the comprehensive dental and orthodontic care that is available at Burloak Centre Dentistry. Our dental facility offers a variety of services that protect, repair, and enhance smiles of patients of all ages.

When misalignment is the problem at hand, many people feel as though they must seek care outside of their general dentist's office. The way in which teeth can be straightened has changed significantly in recent years, and our patients can experience the benefit of working with a Six Month Smiles dentist in Oakville, ON.

More and more, we are learning that misalignment can be corrected using unconventional methods. No longer is it mandatory to wear metal brackets and wires for a few years to attain a beautiful smile. In many instances, it is possible to achieve a beautiful smile aesthetic using a method designed for that sole purpose.

How Six Month Smiles Works

Six Month Smiles orthodontic system repositions the teeth gradually using tooth-coloured brackets and wires. Progress checks and adjustments are scheduled about every six weeks, maintaining the consistent pressure needed to move teeth. This treatment is similar to conventional braces because there are brackets and wires that are always present on the teeth. The appearance of the appliances, as well as the gentleness of force, is more appealing.

As with any orthodontic treatment, care begins with a comprehensive consultation in which you and your dentist discuss your needs and expectations. A dental examination is performed to confirm which type of orthodontic care is best suited to achieve your goals. Six Month Smiles is a great form of treatment for individuals whose teeth are mildly to moderately misaligned and who want to complete their teeth straightening process as quickly as possible.

We are happy to share the details of Six Month Smiles with you in a private consultation. By meeting with Dr. Tuli in her comfortable Oakville office, you can learn how to make your smile stand out. Call 905.581.4436 today to arrange a convenient appointment time.
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