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Patients near Burlington ON find Invisalign an excellent choice for discreet care

More than 13 million people call Ontario home. A good portion of our population would love to feel more confident in their appearance, especially in their smiles. What may be holding you back from getting the straight smile you want is the same thing that keeps millions of people from investigating their options - you would like to retain the natural appearance of your smile.

In the Oakville office of Burloak Centre Dentistry, patients from our immediate area and also from Burlington, ON can learn how they can achieve their goals with Invisalign.

Why do so many shy away from braces?

Orthodontic treatment that relies on systems based on brackets, wires, and sometimes bands or headgear is very efficient. Today, there are options to straighten teeth with tooth-coloured or clear brackets and wires, making the process more appealing. However, braces are noticeable when you smile or speak. Additional reasons that many people avoid making that consultation for orthodontic treatment is that braces are rather uncomfortable, with the sharp corners of brackets sometimes poking the cheek or getting caught on the lips. One of the concerns that dentists have about braces is the tendency for oral hygiene to suffer.

Invisalign as an effective alternative to traditional braces

The Invisalign clear aligner system is ideal for the busy adult who wants to feel better about his or her smile. Aligners are created using robust software and 3D imaging, which essentially lays out the entire treatment plan in animation before the process begins. Aligners are comfortable. They are smooth. They allow you to go about your life as you normally would.
  • Invisalign aligners are made to fit snugly around your teeth. A new set of aligners is inserted every two weeks, progressing movement as planned in your customized animation.
  • Aligners are intended to be worn at all times. They may, however, be removed for brushing and flossing and for meals.
  • Periodic visits to our office will be scheduled to follow up on progress. No wires to tighten or bands to affix to bulky brackets. Just a simple check-up on the alignment of your teeth.
  • Each person has unique needs. The average treatment plan lasts 18 months.
Because aligners can be removed, patients gain the benefit of convenience. Meal times do not have to be stressful or feel unsatisfying. As you move through your treatment, you can continue your normal dietary habits, being careful to rinse teeth and aligners before inserting them after your meal.

Braces, by design, cover the majority of the visible tooth structure. As such, they obscure your view of the progress taking place throughout orthodontic treatment. With Invisalign, there is no mystery. You get to watch as, week by week, your teeth are moved into a straight, beautiful smile.

There is no reason to put off getting the smile you have always wanted. Call Burloak Centre Dentistry today at 905.581.4436 for your free Invisalign consultation.
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