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Your emergency dentist near Burlington and Oakville offers tips to avoid dental injuries

Unexpected events are one of life's great consistencies. An unexpected medical or dental problem could be a stressful event, possibly even a true emergency. At Burloak Centre Dentistry, you can obtain care from a dentist well-known for compassion toward patients.

Minimize your risk of dental emergencies

Prevention is a preferred approach to health and wellness. This includes professional exams and teeth cleanings to reduce the risk for oral health problems. In addition to the standard of careour patients receive, there are certain safety precautions that may be taken to minimize risks even further:
  • Don't just brush your teeth daily, floss them as well! Often, cavities develop between teethwhere plaque and bacteria accumulate and weaken enamel.
  • Small children should be watched carefully due to their high likelihood of falling when developing motor skills. Of course you cannot keep your child from falling. When he or she does fall, make sure to check the teeth for signs of injury.
  • Sporting activities such as baseball, soccer, and skiing can put you at risk for a dental injury. Children, teens and adults who engage in contact sports or other athletic endeavors can protect their teeth and their jaw with a professionally-made mouth guard.
  • Mouth guards for nightly wearare designed for individuals who have bruxism. The excessive grinding and clenching that some people do puts teeth under a great deal of stress, eventually causing premature wear.
  • One of the most common ways that teeth get injured is by biting on a hard object. Teeth should be used for chewing food, not nails or pen caps. Teeth should also not be used to open packages.

Getting the care that you need when you need it

Even when you take the best possible care of your teeth and follow safety precautions, you may find that an urgent situation develops. If you experience a dental emergency such as a persistent toothache, call Burloak Centre Dentistry at for prompt care. Our team will work hard to resolve your issue and get you back to a comfortable state as quickly as possible.

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