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What can cause a dental emergency in Oakville, ON?

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A dental emergency can happen to anyone, at any time. Be assured that the team at Burloak Centre Dentistry in Oakville ON is here to help, with calming advice and priority treatment. We also believe it is beneficial to understand situations that may trigger urgent dental problems, so that you might avoid them.

Surprising causes of dental emergencies

  • Pulpitis – This inflammation of the nerves and blood supply at the center of a tooth can result in an acute toothache. The primary cause of pulpitis is bacterial infection from untreated caries (tooth decay). This condition may also present in a tooth that has had multiple restorative treatments. To avoid this type of emergency, don't ignore a cavity, and maintain regular dental checkups.
  • Abscess – This deep infection is usually caused by severe tooth decay. However, a seemingly minor chip or crack that happened years ago may gradually allow bacterial infiltration. The infection develops suddenly and unexpectedly. Root canal therapy or extraction is in order.
  • Pericoronitis – Sometimes a tooth (usually a wisdom tooth) fails to fully emerge. Gum tissue over the partially erupted tooth can become quite swollen and painful. Antibiotics get the infection under control. Then the tissue and possibly the tooth should be removed.
  • Tooth fracture, luxation, or avulsion – You know these conditions as a broken, loose, or knocked out tooth. You might expect the risk if you participate in contact sports, but these emergencies happen in many other ways, too. Winters in the Burlington/Oakville area have plenty of potential for snow and ice . . . and slips and falls that can damage teeth. Normal daily activities are also common culprits of this kind of dental emergency – cycling accidents, home maintenance tasks, and kids roughhousing.
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