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Oakville, ON implant dentists help you regain a good quality of life

Tooth loss is a major issue that requires a high level of care. When you choose to consult with our Oakville, ON implant dentists, you are a step closer to regaining the quality of life you deserve.

Implants have quickly become recognized as an excellent alternative to bridgework or conventional dentures. This method of tooth replacement is suitable for most patients needing to replace natural teeth. Because implants are designed to replace natural roots, the overall process offers significant advantages, including:
  • Full chewing function, which means no dietary limitations
  • Lifelong durability with no special care, just brush and floss daily
  • With multiple treatment options, implants can replace one or more teeth
  • Implants may be combined with dentures for full mouth reconstruction
  • Conservative care preserves the natural structure of the remaining teeth
  • Lifelike appearance and sensation when eating and speaking
  • Implants assist in preserving healthy bone

Improve your confidence with one straightforward procedure

Dental implant treatment is efficient in the recreation of natural structure. The placement of one or more implants takes place in our comfortable office. Comfort is ensured with local anesthetic and gentle techniques. Most patients are able to return to their normal activities the day after their procedure. Mild soreness may be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers.

After implants have been placed, they remain undisturbed as bone tissue naturally grows around the posts. When stabilized, Implants are completed with your final restoration. The materials crowns, bridges and dentures can be made are a perfect complement to biocompatible titanium. Together, these various materials beautifully rebuild a lifelike appearance while providing strength.

Burloak Centre Dentistry provides care to patients from the Oakville and Burlington areas. We understand the needs that occur after tooth loss. Dental implants may be the solution you have been looking for, even if you have worn dentures for some time. To find out how we can help you love your smile once again, call 905.581.4436.

Oakville, ON patients experience the benefits of dental implants. Learn more from the dentists at Burloak Centre Dentistry when you call 905.581.4436.
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