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dental care with tooth implants is considered by many Oakville patients

Ideally, we would routinely provide preventive care and never find ourselves having to repair or replace damaged teeth. Unfortunately, most people's oral health sends them to the dentist for restoration at some point. In the case of tooth loss or extraction, we seek to determine the course of action that will lead to the most comfortable, most functional, and most long- lived result. Historically, replacement has been achieved with dental care aimed at tooth structure. Today, implants provide patients from Oakville and surrounding areas with restoration of the full tooth, including the root.

Most dentists and their patients consider implants a very suitable path to long lasting tooth replacement. Implants are very small cylinders made of titanium. Titanium is also used in medical procedures when implants are needed. What implants do is replace the root of the missing tooth. As such, the functionality of the final restoration mimics natural teeth. Additionally, replacement of the root with an implant also benefits the bone tissue in the jaw because it allows stimulation from chewing to continue. This stimulation is what keeps the jawbone strong and dense.

The functionality of dental implants is the underlying reason for the popularity of this treatment. What comes from this functionality, however, is what patients note after they have received care. People treated with dental implants may not necessarily talk about the stability of their tooth or teeth. What they will talk about is feeling comfortable and confident. The inclusion of dental implants with dentures can be life changing for the person who has worn unstable dentures for any length of time. Because the artificial teeth are fully secured and will not slip, it is possible to eat and smile with full confidence.

If you live in the area of Oakville, Ontario and have been affected by tooth loss, don't assume that your options for replacement are limited. Dr. Tuli and her team have helped many patients regain what they thought had been lost. Learn how dental implants can help you. Call 905.581.4436 today.
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