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Early orthodontic care from your pediatric dentist in Oakville and Burlington offers significant benefits

Many people assume that orthodontic care begins during the teen years; anything before is too early and anything after is too late. The reality is that neither assumption is accurate.

Current recommendations are that children have an orthodontic evaluation by their pediatric dentist around the age of six or seven. The early evaluations performed in our Oakville office occur at a time when development is ongoing. Because the jaw will continue to widen and permanent teeth have not completely filled the mouth, this is an ideal time to identify potential alignment and bite problems. If we notice that the jaw may not accommodate permanent teeth properly, we have the opportunity to assist growth, potentially lowering the cost of future orthodontics.

One of the benefits of early orthodontic intervention is that, between the ages of 6 and 12, the body is in an active growth pattern. Throughout these years, the primary area of growth is the face and jaw. A skilled dentist can guide growth to help teeth develop in the straightest, healthiest pattern. In many cases, early care can prevent orthodontic issues such as overcrowding.

For much of the history of orthodontic care, the approach involved a single phase started after the jaw had fully developed. Today, it is possible to take a double-phased approach for maximum results, often with less time in braces.

At Burloak Centre Dentistry, patients from the Oakville and Burlington areas obtain personalized care that addresses their unique needs. Orthodontic care is no longer limited to any particular age group. Whether you are a parent of a child who would benefit from early intervention or you are an adult who has never had the opportunity to address alignment issues in your smile, we are happy to assist you in achieving your goals for oral health and beauty.

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