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Sugar is not the only culprit that leads to the need for restorative dental care for children

As a child, it is likely that you heard messages along the lines of "you are what you eat." This valid statement would typically apply to general health and wellness. Today, we know that the foods and drinks that we consume on a daily basis do have an enormous impact on our health, including our teeth and gums.

If you were to ask a child which foods cause cavities, answers would include things like candy, cake, maybe even soda. All of these foods have a high sugar content.

However, the sugar does not directly cause cavities, instead, it feeds the bacteria that live in the mouth. The sugar residue that lingers after a beverage or food is consumed by these living organisms. Subsequently, an acidic by-product is deposited by bacteria. Rather than sugar itself, it is this acid that gradually causes the breakdown of healthy tooth structure. Once a tiny pit is made in a tooth, acid collects in the area, eventually leading to a hole.

Dental care for children combats the effects of sugar and acid

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to completely eliminate all sugar from the diet. It is added to many of the foods and beverages that children regularly consume. One of the ways that teeth can be protected is to teach your child to rinse his or her mouth after eating or drinking anything that contains sugar. Ideally, teeth would be brushed at this time, but that can present a challenge for children who are busy with school and extracurricular activities.

In addition to limiting sugar and cleaning teeth after snacks and meals, it is beneficial for children to enjoy foods that act as natural cleaners, such as crunchy, raw fruits and vegetables.

Dental care for children often involves education about sugar. The real culprit to tooth decay is acid! Burloak Centre Dentistry provides personal attention to each patient we see. Give us a call today with any questions or to book an appointment today! 905.581.4436.
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