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Wisdom Teeth

Burloak Centre Dentistry's approach to removing wisdom teeth in Oakville and Burlington is comfortable and pleasant.

Do I need to have these teeth extracted?

These third molars don't always present painful problems. Sometimes wisdom teeth don't develop at all or they develop just as other molars did, without complications.

When issues arise, it's often because they don't have enough space to grow in properly. They may partially erupt or they may not break through tissues at all. Pain arises when the teeth get trapped in the underlying bone and gums. As they push to erupt, nearby teeth can be damaged.

How are problematic wisdom teeth treated?

Dr. Tuli and her team at Burloak Centre Dentistry will recommend the best treatment approach for you.

If the doctor determines that extraction is best, the procedure is done on an outpatient basis in our office that feels like home. TVs, DVDs, Netflix, and other amenities are available for your comfort.

How can these problems be prevented in the first place?

Regular check-ups to monitor the development of your wisdom teeth are essential to help prevent any complications. It's during these recall appointments that the dentist examines your teeth and gums for potential issues. Early detection of developing wisdom teeth can help prevent symptoms such as pain, swelling and more serious complications.

How can I help make treatment a success?

After the tooth is removed with gentle, precision techniques, it will be important for you to follow the post-op instructions provided by the doctor. This helps to minimize any complications that can arise with extractions.

The dental team can further add to your comfort during any procedures with relaxation techniques, such as nitrous oxide.

Experience a modern, healthy approach to this common procedure. Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Tuli and her team here at Burloak Centre Dentistry. Call 905.581.4436.
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Dr. Shefali Tuli | Burloak Centre Dentistry

With a passion to serve others while maintaining the highest quality of care at her practice, Dr. Shefali Tuli ensures that her patients receive the best treatments available. She and her team take pride in providing dental services to patients of all ages.

A graduate from the University of Western Ontario, she is the head of dentistry and owner of Burloak Centre Dentistry. She is renowned for her skill and wealth of knowledge, along with her innate ability to create a warm and trustworthy atmosphere for her patients.
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