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Wisdom teeth removal from dentist in Oakville, ON

Oakville, ON dental practice offers the removal of impacted wisdom teeth

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Wisdom teeth are the most commonly extracted teeth. Although for some individuals, these teeth never erupt. For others, impacted wisdom teeth require removal to prevent additional dental problems. If you are searching for answers regarding your wisdom teeth, contact Dr. Shefali Tuli and the team at Burloak Centre Dentistry in Oakville, ON.

Why do we have wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are our third and final set of molars. For most patients, these teeth appear between the ages of 18 and 25. Anthropologically speaking, the additional molars may have been necessary for our ancestor’s diet and chewing hard foods. Fast-forward to now, our faces and jaws are smaller and we no longer have the same hunter-gatherer lifestyles. Thus, the extra teeth are not needed and do not fit in our mouths.

Reasons for wisdom teeth removal

Some patients never acquire wisdom teeth. For some, the teeth erupt naturally without problems. Then, there are others who not only get their wisdom teeth but also have issues with them. The majority of individuals end up having these teeth removed. The most common reasons for wisdom teeth extraction include the following:
  • The teeth are impacted meaning there is not enough room for them to erupt naturally.
  • Damage to the adjacent teeth has already been caused.
  • There is potential for future dental problems if the teeth are not removed.

What to expect

At Burloak Centre Dentistry, we understand that not all wisdom teeth lead to problems or need to be extracted. We utilize x-rays to assess your teeth and underlying structures. If problems do arise, we will discuss your treatment options. If removal is selected as the best treatment option, we will use precision techniques and a gentle touch to remove the teeth quickly and comfortably. Following your dentist’s advice after the procedure ensures a faster recovery and optimal results.

If you are concerned about your wisdom teeth, contact Burloak Centre Dentistry to learn more about your options. 905.581.4436
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