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every adult can benefit from oral cancer screening, offered in our Oakville dental office

Cancer screenings are routine in the medical setting. Likewise, dental patients do well to receive oral cancer screening from their dentist on an annual basis. This adjunct to the routine dental examination is beneficial even for those who have not noticed an obvious abnormality. Early detection is key to the treatment of oral cancer, a condition that affects tens of thousands of people each year.

The unfortunate statistics for oral cancer include prognosis of no more than five years for more than fifty percent of new cases. Patients of Burloak Centre Dentistry benefit from our routine performance of oral cancer screening during dental checkup visits in our Oakville office. Additionally, any bumps, sores, or abnormalities in tissue should be examined right away.

Risk factors for oral cancer

The obvious risk factors for oral cancer are tobacco and alcohol use.


Many who are diagnosed with oral cancer also use some form of tobacco. The longer use continues, the greater the risk. There is also a risk for those who are regularly exposed to second-hand smoke.


The consumption of twenty or more alcoholic beverages per week significantly increases the risk for oral cancer. When alcohol consumption is combined with tobacco use, the risk increases six-fold.

Additional risk factors for oral cancer include:
  • Men are more often diagnosed with oral cancer
  • African Americans are at a higher risk
  • Oral cancer is more prevalent in adults over the age of 45
  • Lip cancer is a risk for those with excessive UV exposure
  • A diet lacking in fresh fruits and vegetables is a factor in cancer formation
  • Radiation exposure
  • A history of head or neck cancer
  • Use of immunosuppresant medication (medication that may weaken the body's immune system)
Having one or more of the common risk factors does not necessarily mean a person will get oral cancer. Risk factors should, however, be discussed with a trusted dental provider and screenings schedule on a yearly basis.

Patients who visit Burloak Centre Dentistry receive the utmost in care. Our team seeks excellent results and the earliest possible diagnosis of oral conditions. Oral cancer screenings involve manual and visual examination of the soft tissues of the mouth, face, and neck, and also advanced diagnostics using VELscope® oral cancer screening. This device facilitates accurate identification of abnormalities using fluorescent visualization. Under blue light in a fast, comfortable procedure, abnormal cells become obvious even if no surface presentation has occurred.

Oral cancer can be treated successfully with early detection. Call 905.581.4436 to schedule your free oral cancer screening today. Our team provides outstanding service to patients from Oakville, Burlington, and surrounding areas.
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