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How the iTero Scanner System Has Revolutionized the Dentistry Field

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iTero Scanner System in Etobicoke ON Area
Incorporating technology in dentistry is no longer an option in a world where the demand for accuracy, comfort, and speed is ever-growing. Patients expect nothing less than perfection, and if you are not up to the task, you will be left behind. At Burloak Centre Dentistry, we are never shy to adopt revolutionary technology to better serve our Etobicoke, Ontario patients. To that end, the iTero intraoral scanner is a cutting-edge technology integrated into our dental practice to improve our clients' overall experience.

What is the iTero scanner system?

An iTero scanner is a device that helps dentists and other professionals get more precise readings and images when performing procedures like veneers, crowns, implants, orthodontics, and bridges. To better understand the iTero digital scanner, you need to know how dentists work without it. In some dental offices, patients bite on a cold and wet putty material to recreate a model of their teeth and other mouth tissues. This traditional way of taking impressions isn't only messy and uncomfortable but yields less than accurate results. Today, the iTero scanner has revolutionized the way dentists take impressions of your mouth. The iTero scanner system uses a handheld intraoral camera to capture numerous images of your entire mouth to create a 3D model of your mouth in a matter of seconds. Better yet, the digital images are projected on a chairside screen, and the patient can have a "sneak peek" of how your treatment will pan out.

Benefits of iTero scanner system

Since Dr. Shefali Tuli incorporated the iTero digital scanner into our dental procedures, we have seen our patients smile from ear to ear every time they leave our office. Here are why dentists and patients alike are falling in love with the iTero 3D dental scanner.
  • Accuracy: The iTero digital scanner has an attention to detail, producing ten times more accurate results than traditional impressions, which need two or three tries to generate precise results.
  • Saves time: The iTero 3D dental scanner produces multiple digital impressions within less than 5 minutes. It takes about 2 to 3 minutes to take images of your oral structures and another three minutes or less to create a 3D model of your smile.
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  • Comfortable: With the iTero dental scanner, there is no room for uncomfortable, goopy putty material that gags you and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. The iTero wand is craftily-designed to fit your mouth comfortably, allowing you to breathe and swallow as usual as we take your bite impressions.
  • Previews your smile: The beauty of the iTero scanner system is that you can preview your results even before the treatment begins! For instance, when the system is used for Invisalign treatment, the dentist or orthodontist can simulate your treatment plan and map out how your teeth will move to achieve perfectly lined teeth.
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